Guarantee loan conditions | warranty Terms

Guarantee credit A guarantee is a guarantee, ie a guarantee loan. The guarantee credit, also known as guarantee credit, is also credited to your entire credit line. Our conditions are based on your needs. Guarantee, bank guarantee from 2.20 percent interest rate comparison, bank guarantee, bills of exchange, letters of credit, takeover of guarantees and […]

Retroactive Loan after Revocation

Recalculation of loans after revocation BGH to determine the dissolution after revocation – life insurance: What you need to know for the revocation of the life insurance contract In the Federal Court (BGH), some principles “for the divisional inversion of life and pension contracts after objection” have been determined (Federal Court of Justice, Decision of […]

The Timing in the Loan with Proxy

When we need more liquidity or when we have to meet expected and unexpected expenses, we can take full advantage of a proxy loan. Also called double fifth, this type of financing can be added to a loan already in assets, which must be a Cession of the Fifth. But let’s find out together what […]

The legislation on the loan by proxy: 9 steps

The delegated loan is aimed at permanent employees with permanent contracts and can help to cover expenses in different circumstances. It is also known as double fifth, it can be requested by those who already have a loan with Cessione del Quinto, but the accumulation between the installment of the Cession of the Fifth and […]

Insurance, Banking, Energy, Home Loan

Leader of the insurance comparison in France, the comparator helps consumers save on all their “expenses constraints”. Subject to the heart of the news, spending constraints represent a significant part of the French budget. And every year on January 1st, as they recover from the festivities, many changes, reforms and increases come into effect. Auto, […]