Unpaid Revolving Card Consequences 3 Ways to Obtain a Loan Unpaid revolving card : consequences and possibilities? What happens in case of irregular payments with this type of financing? Luca, one of our clients, turned to us because he had problems with his active Agos card. He wrote to us ” Hello, I have an unpaid revolving agos card and I have difficulty getting new financing. I would like to close the position, given that it has been reported to debt collection. The same applies to an unpaid findomestic revolving card. Can you help me? Is there a revolving card for crif ? “ Luca was able to get a new loan, not through a card, but through a loan[…]

Leader of the insurance comparison in France, the comparator helps consumers save on all their “expenses constraints”. Subject to the heart of the news, spending constraints represent a significant part of the French budget. And every year on January 1st, as they recover from the festivities, many changes, reforms and increases come into effect. Auto, health, home, borrower, loans and bank fees, energy takes stock of everything that will change, or not, for consumers as of January 1, 2019. Auto: fuel taxes, roadworthiness tests, conversion premiums, insurance rate increases… No increase in fuel taxes The year 2019 was to begin with an increase in fuel taxes (diesel, gasoline, fuel oil), triggering the movement of “yellow vests” and the anger of[…]