5 breathtaking flower valleys in India we bet you didn’t know

New Delhi: The country we live in never ceases to amaze me. From picturesque locations, breathtaking beaches, picturesque mountains to captivating flower-filled valleys, India is nothing less than a travelers’ paradise!Also Read – Uttarakhand Valley of Flowers Opens to Tourists: Timetables, Covid Guidelines, etc.

If you’re someone who loves the idea of ​​exploring lush green meadows, beautiful multi-colored flowers, quirky trekking destinations and more, then we’ve got you covered. Also read – Why you must visit the Valley of Flowers in June

Here we’ve curated a list of some of India’s lesser-known flower valleys that you shouldn’t miss exploring! Check them out here and don’t forget to add them to your travel list. Read also – Prez visits the Statue of Unity, to lay the foundation for the stn railway

5 breathtaking flower-filled valleys in India we bet you didn’t know

  • Valley of Flowers in Uttarakhand

Visit the Valley of Flowers in Uttarakhand to truly revel in nature. (Image Source: Thrillophilia)

This is one of the most popular flower valleys in India, which we have on the list! How to get to this bewitching place? Well, to get there you have to do a 17km trek from the village of Gobindghat in Uttarakhand. The valley of flowers of Uttarakhand, popular with hikers, is part of the Nanda Devi Biosphere Reserve, one of UNESCO’s global networks of biosphere reserves.

Here you will find an immense diversity of flora like Himalayan maple, Himalayan blue poppy, Brahmakamal, marigold, rhododendron, daisies, primroses, orchids, wallach cobra lilies and much more. Once there, you can also visit the Hemkund Gurudwara and Nanda Devi National Park which are nearby tourist attractions.

Where: Gobindghat, Uttarakhand

Best time to visit: June to September

5 breathtaking flower-filled valleys in India we bet you didn't know

The rarest flower in the world, Neelakurinji blooms only once every 12 years (representative image)

This one is popularly known as a honeymooner’s paradise. Planning a trip here in August will be nothing short of surreal, as you can admire lush green meadows covered with spectacular lavender-colored flowers, known as Neelakurinji. Did you know that they only flower once every 12 years? The lush lavender is definitely worth exploring. This year, it bloomed again! Strobilanthes Kunthiana, known as Neelakurinji and Kurinji in Malayalam and Tamil, is a shrub found in the Shola forests of the Western Ghats in Kerala and Tamil Nadu.

Where: Idukki District, Kerala

Best time to visit: August to October

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  • Dzukou Valley in Nagaland

5 breathtaking flower-filled valleys in India we bet you didn't know

Dzukou Valley in Nagaland. (Image Source: Thrillophilia)

Have you ever heard of this one? Located 2452 meters above sea level, this lesser-known gem is located near the Nagaland-Manipur border. If you are looking for some time away from the hustle and bustle of the city and just want to revel in the mesmerizing beauty of nature, this is the place to go! Interestingly, the Dzükou lily is only found here in Nagaland. Other flower species you can explore include aconites, spurges, rhododendrons, and more.

Now, how to get to this valley? Well, you can start from Viswema village (located 22 km south of Kohima, the capital of Nagaland) or from Zakhama village (located 18 km south of Kohima).

Where: Nagaland – Manipur border

Best time to visit: June to September

  • Kaas Plateau in Maharashtra

5 breathtaking flower-filled valleys in India we bet you didn't know

The Kaas Plateau in Maharashtra is a must visit. (Image source: Wikipedia)

The synonym for breathtaking? Well this is the Kaas Plateau in Maharashtra for you! Why such a unique name you ask me? This is because this beautiful place got its name from the Kaasa flower, which is the most common species found here. For the uninitiated, this is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

It is home to over 850 species of flowers, including orchids, toothbrush orchids, Indian arrowroots, Dipcadi flowers, tropical sundews, Y-tura and many more. This picturesque flower-filled valley is a three-hour drive from Pune city and makes the perfect weekend getaway with friends and family. In fact, you can also go to nearby Kaas Lake or Vajrai and Theseghar waterfalls when visiting the plateau.

Where: Satara District, Maharashtra

Best time to visit: End of August to September

  • Yumthang Valley in Sikkim

5 breathtaking flower valleys in India we bet you didn't know

The Yumthang Valley in Sikkim is a travelers’ paradise. (Image Source: Travel Triangle)

This one here is truly a nature lover’s paradise! If you are looking for pure bliss, a moment of calm, and pretty flowers to keep you company, immediately pack your bags in Yumthang Valley in Sikkim. Situated 3,596 meters above sea level, this magnificent valley boasts a landscape of spectacular flowers, yaks, hot springs and more!

It features varieties of exotic flowers including cinquefoils, rhododendrons, irises, poppies, pedicles, primroses and cobra lilies, among others. Interestingly, the valley also includes the Shingba Rhododendron Shrine, so you will find over 24 varieties of this beautiful flower here. Please note that this location remains closed from December to March due to heavy snowfall; however, it is the ideal travel destination in the summer.

Where: North Sikkim

Best time to visit: from late February to mid-June

Also, don’t forget to check the latest Covid-19 guidelines on government websites, which may change depending on the Covid situation, before planning your trip to the valley of your choice!

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