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The account of the Flood is found in chapters 6 through 9 of the book of Genesis and the story tells of God’s decision to return the Earth to its pre-creation state of aquatic chaos. It is said that Noah and his family were spared – along with two animals of each kind – by floating a large ark. Genesis 7: 18-19 states, “And the ark walked on the face of the waters. And the waters ruled exceedingly on the Earth – and all the high mountains that were under all the sky were covered.

Many questioned the feasibility of the story, with one reviewer saying, “For the Biblical Flood to occur, the water on Earth had to miraculously multiply by about 250%.”

Despite this, NASA has confirmed the presence of limestone and “oceanic marine fossils” atop Mount Everest.

Watch Jerusalem, an analyst site that “seeks to show how current events fulfill the biblically prophesied description of the current state of affairs today,” said it was proof that “the land, at one point of the history of the Earth, was covered with water “.

They said, “If you were to completely smooth everything on Earth, level the mountains, and fill in the sea valleys and trenches, the sea would not only cover everything, but the dry land would be submerged about 1.5 miles deep.

Fossilized fish remains reportedly found (Image: GETTY)

Fossils have been found on top of Mount Everest

Fossils have been found on top of Mount Everest (Image: GETTY)

“So yes, there is enough water on Earth to cover the existing landmass – not to mention the seven meters, the Bible says Noah’s Flood prevailed above the highest peak.

“The question, then, must be asked: What are the ancient fish doing on top of Mount Everest? Is this evidence of the Flood? Perhaps. Physics evidence, sure.”

As NASA points out: “The presence of limestone and oceanic marine fossils atop these mountains is one of the main cited evidence that advanced the idea of ​​plate tectonics.

This scientific theory describes the large chunks of the Earth’s surface moving over molten rock in its core.

Watching Jerusalem analyst Christopher Eames noted: “The territory of India was once part of a supercontinent called Gondwanaland.

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Noah's Ark is part of the story of Genesis

Noah’s Ark is part of the story of Genesis (Image: GETTY)

“About 150 million years ago it stopped and traveled north towards Laurasia.

“At that time, the immense Sea of ​​Tethys, rich in marine life, separated the continents.

“After traveling for about 100 million years, the landforms collided with extreme force and intensity, forming the Himalayan mountain range – and thus, rising up the ‘mountain seabeds’ seen in the Himalayas.”

Continental drift was the original hypothesis on how the Earth’s continents moved over geological time relative to each other.

The speculation that the continents “drifted” was first advanced by Abraham Ortelius in 1596.

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Noah would have saved two of each animal from the flood

Noah would have saved two of each animal from the flood (Image: GETTY)

The concept was independently and more fully developed by Alfred Wegener in 1912, but his hypothesis was rejected by many for lack of a motivational mechanism.

This idea has since been subsumed by the theory of plate tectonics, which explains that continents move by overlapping plates in the Earth’s lithosphere.

Some believe this proves that areas that are now dry may have already been covered with water.

Mr. Eames said: “Continental drift has been used to explain the nature of the Himalayan seabed.

“But in reality, rather than rejecting the biblical account, the mechanisms only serve to support it.

“The continental drift demonstrates not only how catastrophic earth-wide flooding can occur, but also that it has.”

In the early stages of the development of geological science, fossils were interpreted as evidence of past flooding.

Some have refuted claims that he supports the Bible

Some have refuted claims that he supports the Bible (Image: GETTY)

As modern geology developed, geologists found evidence of an ancient Earth and evidence inconsistent with the idea that the Earth had developed in a series of cataclysms, such as the flooding of the Genesis.

In 1830, geologists increasingly discovered that the evidence supported a series of local flooding.

Proponents of flood geology stick to a literal reading of Genesis 6-9 and consider its passages to be historically accurate.

They use the internal chronology of the Bible to locate the Genesis Flood and the story of Noah’s Ark over the past 5,000 years.

Scientific dating of the fossils has refuted this key argument of the narrative.

Flood geology contradicts scientific consensus in geology, stratigraphy, geophysics, physics, paleontology, biology, anthropology and archeology.

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