Even Noah would be amazed

A feature-length BBC News television report from July 16, 2021, titled “Catastrophic flooding across Western Europe as politicians blame climate change”, showed the devastation caused by the massive and rapid flooding in the region. Western Europe at the confluence of the borders of Germany, Belgium, France and Luxembourg during the third week of July 2021, when three times the average monthly rainfall was released in just a day or two. In this report, the likely next German Prime Minister bluntly blamed the disaster on global warming and climate change, and urged serious and immediate national, European and global action to counter it by reducing anthropogenic emissions of carbon dioxide.

While those floods in Germany and Belgium last week, and the vast fires and extremely deadly heat in the northwestern United States and Canada, and Siberia the week before, can cause such devastation despite the fact that ‘they are occurring in the most technologically sophisticated and economically advanced and developed countries on Earth, how do you think such “natural disasters”, amplified and accelerated by global warming, would affect (and affect) the hundreds of millions, even billions of the poorest and most vulnerable people on the planet, as in sub-Saharan Africa? Amazonia, India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh and the Pacific Islands?

This is real life Apocalypse Now. It will continue to “explode” much slower than the rate of our very short attention spans – from seconds to maybe months – and this explosion of catastrophe will continue for decades and even centuries if humanity continues. to remain inert before this planet. reality.

The problem – that millions and billions more have yet to be pushed into action by the all-too-obvious degradation of climate-weather-biosphere locking systems – is far beyond the mere confusion of a problem. deer in the headlights. Fundamentally, it is the human inertia of the reassuring retreat to mask denial of existential fear, rather than its direct confrontation with intelligent action.

Our fate has been entrusted to us: either we exhibit triumphs of the human spirit by acting vigorously and cooperatively to counter global warming, or we ignominiously perish in a degrading and fragmentary manner as willfully ignorant victims of our own stupidity, narcissism. and stupid madness.

What amazes me is how, in the face of such obvious and advanced climatic catastrophes, so many people can be so wrapped up in their bubbles of illusion and remain completely blind to the ongoing collapse of the world, to the both natural and human: bubbles of illusion greedy in desperation to acquire more exclusive grants to companies and “insiders” in order to “compete”; bubbles of fanatic illusions always seeking public affirmation and normalization of their favorite brand of supremacist apartheid; bubbles of illusions of fear always seeking more armed protection against other “types”, “classes” and “outsiders”; pathetic bubbles of self-delusion always seeking “power” through phishing telemarketing of bogus auto warranties and “free money”, and hacking into large and small websites and Facebook pages; and the narcissistic bubbles of illusion of billionaire boys trying to detonate mass media paroxysms of stupidity by ejaculating their ego rockets into space; and the arrogant bubbles of illusion of unanchored superpowers always seeking to project power “geostrategically”, to monopolize hydrocarbon deposits and trade, and to stifle small countries with marginal economies, as with Cuban socialism just to the south. of the Caribbean skyline from a shipwreck, collapse and sea level rise in Miami.

In this BBC report, Britt Blom, a cafe owner helping clean up the masses of debris clogging the streets of her village after the flood waters receded, said: ‘We have to stay positive, we can cry all day but that will not help at all. So, better to smile and keep working.

And for the rest of us in this vast and ever-shrinking world, that “job” means helping clean up after tragedies “here”, helping other victims of tragedies near and far, and dealing with global warming. climate and climate change. and the collapse of biodiversity, with real, cooperative action to help slow the pace of our expanding global catastrophe.

Wake people up.

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