NASA sponsors educational program in Belize

NASA sponsors Global Learning and Observations to Benefit the Environment (GLOBE), a science and education program, in Belize

by Charles Gladen

BELIZE CITY, Thursday. September 8, 2022

On Thursday, September 8, the Minister of Education, Culture, Science and Technology, the Hon. Francis Fonseca and U.S. Embassy Chargé d’Affaires ai Leyla Moses-Ones officially signed documents for the implementation of GLOBE, a NASA-sponsored science and education program, in Belize on Thursday September 8.

Since 1994, the Global Learning and Observations to Benefit the Environment (GLOBE) program has brought scientific inquiry into the classroom through its Global Curriculum that brings together students, teachers, scientists, and citizens to promote environmental learning and conduct actions in the real world. research through a practical approach.

Participants will conduct a local research initiative that covers five main areas: the atmosphere, the biosphere, the hydrosphere, the soil (pedosphere) and the Earth as a system and how our daily actions affect it, which will be captured in the GLOBE Observer (GO) rover. application.

According to Moses-Ones, GLOBE is an incredible tool that will bring STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) into the local classroom and prepare young students for the job market.

“It’s a chance for students to conduct hands-on, real-world science experiments using the scientific method and feed those results into the application program, which is then integrated into a global database. For example , if other scientists are tracking activity in Belize’s mangroves but can’t come here for hands-on research, this is a way for students to get out, collect that data, and personally contribute to the global mine of information and the growing body of knowledge,” said Moses-Ones.

During the Hon. During Fonseca’s remarks at today’s signing, he emphasized that NASA’s GLOBE program will be directly aligned with the department’s new curriculum framework.

“The GLOBE initiative is also fully aligned with our recently launched National Curriculum Framework, which not only prioritizes the teaching and learning of science and technology at all levels of our education system, but also embraces skills-based project-based learning that emphasizes the critical importance of research, data collection and practical learning.At the Department of Education, we are excited about the promise and potential of this program and we’re sure our wonderful high school students and teachers will be just as excited and enthusiastic. [about] seize this unique opportunity,” said Hon. Fonseca.

According to the Hon. Fonseca, the GLOBE program will begin with high school students and spread to lower levels and then throughout Belize’s education system.

The Minister of State in the Ministry of Education, Culture, Science and Technology, Dr. (Hon.) Louis Zabaneh, commended the US Embassy for bringing the initiative to the Belize.

Currently, more than 38,000 schools in 126 countries participate in the GLOBE program.

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