Tiger King’s Carole Baskin Launches Cat-Themed Cryptocurrency


Dissatisfied with social networks constantly making jokes at her expense, old King tiger topic Carole Baskin and her Big Cat Rescue animal sanctuary announced her own cryptocurrency, $ CAT. Available on rally.io, holders of the $ CAT coin enjoy exclusive perks with an official press release announcing “elite access to live rides and conversations with Carole Baskin and her crew of greats lovers and guardians. cats “. In addition, $ CAT holders will enjoy “discounts and first access to new merchandise and activities,” with Big Cat Rescue promising more “future plans” that also include Big Cat Rescue-themed NFTs, which are expected to “launch in about two weeks” (Note: Cryptocurrencies and NFTs were previously linked to negative ecological impact).

“I am investigating cryptocurrencies because I am concerned about the volume of US dollars that are printed and distributed with nothing to back them up,” Baskin said in a statement, “At this point USD and BitCoin are fiat currencies, but at least BitCoin and other altcoins have a built-in scarcity and now they are much more widely adopted in our daily life. I like the idea of ​​putting the power of money in the hands of the people , rather than banks and governments. Our new $ CAT coin is not an investment currency, but rather a purr of our fans to show their love for cats and reap the benefits of being our most trusted partners. avant-garde to create a world where all wild cats live freely. “

Baskin added, “Our fan base is amazing and I just know they will push $ CAT to the top of the rankings so others can learn how to save big cats from the cruelty of captivity.”

Considering Baskin’s message of using the $ CAT coin to benefit his animal sanctuary and his general approach to animal conservation, some are calling his use of cryptocurrency and potential NFTs, as critics have linked these technologies as having a disastrous effect on the planet and exacerbating the climate. problems.

In a detailed explanation on the subject, Gizmodo writes: “Without a major overhaul of the way tokens are created and sold, critics warn, it could ultimately help drive untold horrors back onto the biosphere and, by extension, humanity.” You can find out more here.


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