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For the publisher:

My letter 4-16 detailed 2 reasons why the earth is not billions of years old; here is another one:

Carbon 14 has been detected in diamonds and coal. Conventional geology tells us that coal can be up to 300 million years old and diamonds over a billion years old. No C14 will remain in a sample more than about 100,000 years old.

Is the earth only about 6000 years old?

We know from analysis of oilfield records detailing the layered layers of sedimentary rock that stretch across the globe; that a catastrophic global flood has occurred. Human history also mentions the great deluge of cultures from all over the world, that is, the Chinese, Mayan, Colombian tribe, Powhatan in the United States and the book of Genesis. Even evolutionists admit a catastrophic event that caused the extinction of about 75% of species millions of years ago. (They must take millions of years for their “fantastic world of evolution” to appear believable!).

Some estimate that the amount of carbon in the pre-flood biosphere was about 500 more than

Today’s level; (based on the amount of petroleum and coal present in modern times). If this is the case, the ratio of carbon 14 to carbon 12 in a sample will appear quite small compared to the current C14 to C12 ratio, which then leads us to believe that the sample is very old; but not more than 100,000 years old.

The sample will appear even older if you take into account that the Earth’s magnetic field was stronger at that time, which then blocked more cosmic rays than today. Less cosmic radiation means less formation of C14 in the atmosphere, which further reduces the C14 / C12 ratio. (Note: Using tree rings to count past years is unreliable; trees can have multiple rings per year.)

Finally, we find intact osteocyte cells, soft and supple blood vessels, and collagen in dinosaur bones that are believed to be between 68 and 500 million years old. These parts cannot survive even for a million years according to studies on the rate of protein decay.

Our flawed education system teaches children to “think inside” the “politically correct box”.

“Reality” must take precedence over fantasy.

Phil Drietz


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