Weibo in China Suspends BTS, K-POP, Fan Accounts for “Seriously Polluting Social Atmosphere”


China’s heavily regulated social media platform like Twitter, Weibo, suspended 22 K-pop fan accounts on Tuesday, nearly two dozen fan accounts for BTS, Blackpink and other major groups. K-pop to curb fan frenzy and teen pop culture. In an attempt to counter what it described as an “irrational starhunt,” China shut down numerous K-POP fan pages for 60 days, alleging illegal fundraising. Numerous fan accounts of popular South Korean K-pop group BTS, which is known to be followed by US Vice President Kamala Harris, have also been suspended. The Chinese government has alleged that the group actually customized a plane for BTS member Jimin for his 26th birthday in October, the Associated Press reported.

“Weibo strongly opposes such irrational star-hunting behavior and will deal with it seriously,” the Chinese social media platform’s statement read Tuesday, as the platform removed numerous accounts from K-pop celebrity social media.

Don’t portray “values”

The recent crackdown on the entertainment industry is part of new measures adopted by the Chinese government against artists that “seriously pollute the social atmosphere”. Earlier, in publishing guidelines obtained by state media, two Chinese government agencies called BTS celebrities “men of vulgar or feminine appearance” who should not be allowed to air on national television because they do not represent “the values” of the Chinese nation or the cultural norms the state wishes to promote. The Chinese Communist Party has said it wants Chinese broadcasters to make sure male actors are more manly because they have a “Influence on the country’s youth.” A notice issued by the PRC also condemned television programs exhibiting “effeminate” behavior and other “distorted” content which should be banned.

The crackdown in China began after photos began circulating on the Weibo social media platform that showed a custom Jeju Air jet allegedly funded on Weibo by the fan account of South Korean group member BTS Park. Ji-min known primarily as Jimin. The singer called the declaration jet “undying love” from fans as it was a crowd-funded birthday present for her 26th birthday.

Minutes after sharing the photos, Chinese company Weibo announced it was suspending accounts linked to BTS, three linked to Blackpink, three to EXO and five linked to boy group NCT, as the platform “opposes firmly to such irrational star-hunting behavior and will deal with it seriously. Weibo added that it will step up measures to “cleanse” the atmosphere online and uproot the culture of K-POP fans. “We call it all. the world to be civilized, to follow the stars rationally… and to create a harmonious and healthy online environment, ”Jimin’s fan account posted before being banned.

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